LKG Warehousing services

we have facilities ready to handle your supply chain, whether at origin or destination. By combining shipping with warehousing and distribution, you benefit from a seamless end-to-end solution with fewer logistic service providers. Complexity is reduced, and you gain speed, control and visibility.

1. Consolidation centers

A warehouse perfectly placed and connected to your sourcing areas can combine materials and make the full truck load by destination. Soon Our warehouse facilities located all the major highways in India, near to major cities, industrial area, ports.

2. Deconsolidation centers

When your cargo arrives at its destination market, keep your goods flowing through the supply chain without missing a beat. Many of our facilities are ideally situated close to key ocean ports for major shipping routes & Major National Highways allowing faster throughput of your cargo.
Our deconsolidation solutions have multiple service offerings depending on where your cargo needs to go – straight trans load, or building consignments direct to distribution centres or final destinations.
Our services can offer you a competitive advantage (e.g., quality controls, re-packing, returns management or product disposal).

Final Destination Delivery

Cargo is transferred from containers to trailers bound for final destination, without passing through a Distribution Centre. This allows you to reduce storage and inventory costs, freeing up working capital, and increase your speed to market.

Trans load

Cargo is transferred from containers directly into outbound trailers, allowing you to reduce inventory, reduce handling and increase throughput by building consignments direct to Distribution Centers.

Cross dock and Delayed cross dock

For container cargo bound for different destinations, goods are expertly sorted into consignments and transferred to trailers for onward distribution. If you need extra flexibility, take advantage of a 96 h free storage period with our delayed cross dock service.

3. Omnichannel fulfilment

From brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce, Our omni-channel fulfilment solutions enable a fully integrated and seamless shopping experience for your end-consumers across multiple touchpoints. We receive your incoming goods, store them in designated storage locations and manage the inventory. We also fulfil your outbound orders from our warehouse and ship directly to your omni-channel network viz. distribution centre(s), retail stores, and your direct/indirect end-customer. With the help of our service portfolio, you can choose from a wide range of storage options and configurable value-added services like discrete quality inspection, packaging, labelling and sorting.

Technology and Automation

Our warehousing solutions are equipeed with technology, automation and robotics. We are steadily expanding our fleet of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), automated sorters and hybrid systems, all of which deliver superior picking efficiencies.

Wide variety of value added services

At our facilities we are able to offer you a wide variety of Value Added Services to bring flexibility and minimize go to market efforts or consistently deliver to production lines.

We understand that every customer’s goods are unique, and we offer a wide range of value-added services to meet your every need.

Whether you’re shipping retail goods, perishable cargo or high-tech devices, our team of local can help you to configure the best combination of value-added services to streamline your logistics, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Kitting & Product Customization

Our services give you the flexibility to create bundles or customised product for any market or customer requirements (e.g. SKU building, bundling, product boxing, localising or kitting).


We can bring visibility on your inventory though the creation of reports (e.g. KPI reports).

Return solutions

Where reverse logistics are required, we can support your operations by managing your goods return flows into the warehouse. To know more about reverse logistics, please click here.


We assist you with packing or repackaging of cargo based on specified requirements (e.g. repacking cargo from damaged box into a new box).

Shaving/topping off pallets

f your supply chain has specific height requirements, adjust the height of a pallet by removing the upper layer(s) of cartons.

Goods disposal

Should it be required, our facilities are equipped to coordinate and arrange goods disposal for products or parts.

Labelling, relabeling, tagging or retagging

Label or tag products (pallets, cartons, inner cartons etc.) in-house in our distribution centres. Inkjet printing is also available for products that require specific information, such as expiry date.

Quality controls

Quality control procedures can be worked into your goods flow as per your requirements (e.g. checking if product is still functioning).

Pallet Logistics

Both origin and destination facilities can store and transport cargo stacked on pallets as a unit load.

LKG Distribution services

For a seamless fulfilment solution, combine order processing with distribution services to handle the last leg of your supply chain. We can handle product deliveries via Full Truck Loads (FTL), Less than Truck Loads (LTL) or parcels to suit your requirements; whether that’s to DCs, Wholesalers, Shop or end-consumer.

Full Truck Loads

Benefit from economies of scale and productivity when shipments are large enough to require the use of the entire truck. Reduce transit time by direct deliveries to final destination and avoid cargo to be handled en route.

Distribution services X E-Commerce Logistics

Online shopping has allowed all brands to quickly expand across the four corners of the world. Our has the scale to ensure you can place goods at consumers doorsteps, anytime, anywhere.

Less than Truck Loads

Take advantage from the transportation of relatively small freight at a fraction of the cost of hiring an entire truck for an exclusive shipment. Reduce handling costs and the risk of damage during transit by configuring shipments with the least amount of handling units possible.

Parcel Delivery

When speed, individualisation and specialisation of delivery services matters, parcel delivery becomes the most optimal transportation mode.

LKG Transportation & Logistics

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