Regardless of your industry, your commodity, or your key markets, LoadKaroG has solutions that offer both small and large businesses the opportunity to grow.

Delivering to where your customers are

We are leading logistics integrator with an unrivalled indian network, we offer end-to-end transport solutions LoadKaroG and its partners landside transportation connects key service hub points and major cities. Experience the comfort of end-to-end deliveries with LoadKaroG, and make your supply chain work to your competitive advantage.

Our Services

LKG Inland Delivery and Global Ways Inland Hub – are designed to address your broader logistics concerns. They are scalable according to your cargo, routes, business process or market changes

Every supply chain is unique, and so are your business requirements. We understand it, which is why we are committed to being an integrator of end-to-end logistics services in India. This implies offering different solutions that can cater to your every individual supply chain need.

End-to-end business services

We’ve designed our new landside transportation booking platform so it’s just like sending and receiving a parcel with a courier. Our Indian shipping partners with our combined solutions and door-to-door services teams, help to you build, reduce costs and enhance your business.

Global Ways Hub Services

LoadKaroG now offers a new way to optimise your supply chain. With the new GlobalWays Hub service, we use our cargo transportation services to deliver your goods directly to the agreed hub. You can pick up your cargo from a GlobalWays hub and arrange the final delivery to your customer, without changing your current supply chain. This service offers you total control and visibility of the final deliveries and access to our wide network of inland hubs at very competitive rates.

Moving goods made easier through nearby Hubs

GlobalWays Hub makes all this much easier by delivering all your goods arriving from or heading to the seas or straight to an agreed inland facility. These inland facilities can be depots or Globalways Hubs / LKG Collection Points located close to your origin or destination facilities. All you need to do is arrange cargo collection from the facility to your premises.

To learn more about Globalways Hub, please reach out to our sales representative.

Why Global Ways Hubs

Globalways Hub delivers your shipments to a convenient inland facility from where you can collect your cargo for its last-mile journey. In addition to its simplicity, here are five ways Globalways Hub benefits you:


Better control and visibility

The combination of LoadKaroG fleet of trucks and trailers gives you greater control over your supply chain.


Multiple routes and capacity

We offer multiple routes and numerous fixed departures per week at a consistent capacity to help you maintain uninterrupted movement across your supply chain.


Competitive rates & Want to find freight faster and easier?

Eliminate empty miles on the largest truckload freight marketplace in India.

LoadKaroG Delivery Services

We can now integrate your entire supply chain from end-to-end with LoadKaroG delivery service. With our end-to-end service, you can easily arrange a new pick-up from your supplier’s factory as well as the delivery to your chosen location, reducing the number of vendors in the process. This service lets you utilise our wide network, access to equipment and dedicate team for a simple and straightforward journey.

Truckload Transportation Service

Get access to the fastest way to get your goods from origin to last-mile destination, on land. LKG offers road transport solutions with a fleet of transportation trucks, that give you last-mile connectivity, even on short notice. Rely on safe, flexible, and cost-effective supply chain solutions, that can also be customised depending on your good’s specific transportation needs. Give your inland supply chain the reach and agility it needs to work around day-to-day disruptions.

Single Contact for All Your Services

Moving your goods from factory or Warehouse and coordinating with multiple customers. We offer a full-service solution with a single point of contact, with more flexibility and better insight. Our landside transportation and teams create efficiencies and help you boost your supply chain’s productivity.


One partner, from start to finish

A single point of contact for every shipment eliminating the need to transact with multiple suppliers or coordinate several handovers.


Improved expertise and reliability

With teams of specialists ready to optimise your supply chain, we work with you to make sure your logistics process flows smoothly and efficiently from end-to-end.

Financial Report

Choice of service and products

Whatever your business needs, you can choose a service that best fits you, and enjoy a seamless experience regardless of the product selection.


Digitised processes

Thanks to our online tools, you can reduce paperwork, declutter and keep a better track of all your documents through our platforms.


Extensive Network.

Our nationalwide transportation service gives you the global coverage you need so that you can reach nearly every local market in the world.

Optimize your business on The LoadKaroG

From cutting your operating costs to finding profitable loads quickly, LoadKaroG is here to help you navigate your toughest challenges and grow your rates for the long haul.